Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Favorite list

I've been tagged by Hijabee :)

If you've been tagged you have to add one more favorite thing to the end of the list:

Favorite colour: Pink

Favorite perfume(guys): Misk

Favorite perfume (girls): Misk

Favorite pj brand: Don't know

Favourite clothes brand in genaral: Evans

Favourite person in the entire world: Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Favourite country : I don't like any particular country though … only Makkah and Madinah

Favorite car: Rolls Royce

Favorite sport: Basketball

Favorite sport player : I don't watch sports

Favorite spot in America: The Niagra falls

Favorite animal: Kitten

Favorite movie: Taare Zameen Par

Favorite singer: Zain Bhikha

Favorite day in the week: Monday

Favorite time of the day: Evening

Favorite holiday season: Spring

Favorite number: 7

Favorite food: Al-Baik broasted chicken

Favorite chocolate: Mars

Favorite cartoon: Bionic Six

Favorite blogger: Umm Travis (can I put in some more? )

Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Butter scotch

Favorite Mobile Brand: Nokia

Fave name: Ahmad

Favorite hobby: Wasting time .... wahahahha

Favorite room in my house: My bedroom

Favorite Fruit: Orange

And I add:

Favorite fictional book: The Hound Of Baskervilles

I tag:

Umm Travis


  1. Awwwwww you are so sweet ma shaa Allah! Thanx sis :) ((big hug)) I will do it soon inshaa Allah in the VIP Lounge!

  2. You rock! Check it out!

  3. Thanks for the tag sis! Got down with mine earlier today. ^^ Bionic six ... haven't heard that for a long time ...

  4. Hey, I was wondering why you did not see that I gave you an award on my blog, and was going through the list again and saw that I referred to you as Unique Muslimah lol even though it's the link to your blog under Unique Muslima, forgot you were going with Ms Unique! My mistake :) I will correct it :)

    I love Zain Bhikha as well & the Niagara Falls but the CANAdian side is better than the American side :)


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