Friday, January 30, 2009

Humbled by This Award

First thanks to Allah (SWT) for all His favors on me and this one in particular. Alhamdulillah. I don't know what to say or how to express my feelings. I don't feel emotional but I'm humbled neverthless. I do feel happy but I never thought my blog deserved it coz it's only a toddler lol. It has to go a long way though for such compliments. And this brings me to the point where I must thank these three sisters Umm Travis, Hajar and Hijabee for their generosity. A heartfelt Congrats to you three for recieving it and Jazak Allah Khairan for passing it on to me.

This Award I recieved from Umm Travis.

This Award I recieved from Hajar and Hijabee.

Most of the people whom I would like to Award this to have already been awarded but I have no other choice but to Award them again and so I list them below:

Umm Travis: I love to read her posts they are very interesting and inspiring especially the ones on her personal blog. Masha Allah a very enthusiastic blogger she is and a very artful photographer.

Hajar: A good witty blogger (romantic too lol). I enjoy her simple and straightforward tone.

Hijabee: Hmm ... though I came across her blog lately I really enjoy her posts frank and interesting and humorous too .... and yes a very captivating story writer.

Nida: A simple but passionate blogger. Love to read her posts really interesting.

Habayeb: Another passionate blogger. Love the way she writes the posts craftily.

Malizea: A sister living in France who I know wants to do hijrah. I like her posts sometimes recipe sometimes fashion sometimes serious reminders all in all they are worth reading.

Mamamona: The coolest Mom I've ever come across. Masha Allah with 4 kids and house work she still has time to write all those cool posts.

Farhana: I love her activities they are so inspiring. May Allah reward her for all those charitable works she does.

Lubna: The coolest Indian cusine blogger I've ever come across. Love her posts coz they are easy to cook and deliciousssssss .....

Adventurous Ammena: Love her islamic short stories they are worth reading. For story lovers like me please check it out.

Bosnianhijab: Last but not the least if it hadn't been for her posts on bosnian hijab style and history I wouldn't have known anything of that sort.

Congratulations to all of ya and please pass it on to whomever you wish to give it. Now these are just a few of the bloggers whom I like but that necessarily dosen't mean that the others are any less I like to read your blogs too and some are really cool and interesting.


  1. Ma shaa Allah! Sooooo touching ;) Am so happy for you and hope to hear more amazing posts!

  2. Aww sis, Shukriya, bohot bohot Shukriya :D!!! Feel as humbled as you do... A little more ... lol your blogs aren't todlers sweety you have a couple of them going on and they are most informing mashaAllah! Thank you for all your sweet words sister!

  3. Ms. Unique! Thank you that's very sweet of you!

  4. jazakillahu khajren ukhti fi islam....

    Thanks a lot...

    Mea selameh...


    You are welcome and here..:)

  6. OOOOOO that's sooo nice from uuuu Iam so... ooo I don't know what to say... well jazakallahoukher, thank u, shoukria, choukran, gracias, adjaram, djeureudif,and merci!! :-D

  7. Umm Travis: Jazak Allah Khairan ... Insha Allah ... :)

    Nida: Mujhe sharminda na karo yaar ... Jazak Allah kahiran for ur words too ... wa iyyaki :)

    Mona: Wa iyyaki :)

    Bosnianhijab: Wa iyyaki :)

    Malizea: Wa iyyaki ... lol all those languages :)

  8. As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest sister,

    Jazaki'Allahu khair for the lovely award. It's very sweet of you to remember me, tabarak'Allah.

    Wa'alaykum as-salaam
    Love Farhana

  9. Saalam!

    Thanks for commenting on my last post :)


  10. Farhana: Wa iyyaki :)

    Ihsassan: U r most welcome :)

  11. Masha'Allah, you're sooo sweet~! Thanks for mentioning me. Aahh yes, I'm a hopeless romantic. :)

  12. Thanks for awarding me again :) I love your blogs and you truly deserve this award. Congrats :)

  13. I write posts "craftily"? lol i do? :P
    Thanks hon


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