Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleepy Eyes

O Sleepy head !
Do not make haste for bed
But after salatul Isha
Crave for even more Thawab
And stand with me for a night prayer.
O Sleepy Eyes !
Do not fail to realize
As your lids start to close
Your last breath may be near - just suppose !
Better then, to stand for night prayer.
O Sleepy soul !
What burdens do you hold?
This longing for resptie
To sleep all through the night
Your night prayer will revive you untold.
O Weary self !
You are bestowed with good health
You are passing through life
With wealth and keen sight
Owe Allah a little thanks then this night.
O Supple bed and carrier !
You stand as a barrier
Between me and my Lord
Your comfort stirs discord
Do not kindle your warm welcome for me.
I have preferred the hard floor
Therin lies comfort much more
On the dust hard ground
Allah's nearness is found
How blessed is the nightly prostration.
Taken From: Al-Jumuah Magazine


  1. Brilliant poem! A wonderful reminder to get off the comforts of sleeping in bed and to conduct the night prayers.

  2. Hijabee, Aalya, Hajar: Jazak Allah Khairan ... I only take the credit of posting coz it mught benefit some1 ... it's written by some1 else though .... :)


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