Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eating out without the weight gain

The weekend is a time for families to go out together for lunch or dinner and for mothers to take a break from cooking. An overwhelming dilemma these days is that most restaurants serve very large portions of food, and meals are too high in total fat, saturated fat, calories, and salt. If you do not control what you eat, frequent dining out can cause weight gain.

However, if you know where to go and make the right food choices, you can eat out and still avoid putting on those extra kilograms. Indeed, eating healthy does not mean that you should miss out on fun outings with your friends or family or that you should give up restaurants all together. You just have to be more aware of which food selections to make and which to avoid. Saudi Gazette conducted some research to guide you when eating out while maintaining a healthy weight.

No matter where you go, you should strictly avoid any deep fried foods: battered and fried shrimp, fish, chicken, and French fries. Fried foods soak up too much oil so they are extremely high in fat. Look at it this way: One gram of carbohydrates from a potato contains four calories. Then when you fry it, one gram of fat from the frying oil adds nine calories. In addition, the excessive heating of oils changes the structure of foods and produces potentially carcinogenic compounds, that can be harmful to one’s health. For more read here.