Sunday, December 21, 2008

Al Baik - Part 1

Yay ! My Uncles coming over tonight and we are gonna have Al-Baik for dinner. Yum ! ma favorite food, fastfood whatever u call it. It's really so delicious and even KFC can't beat it hear. Yup you read that right not even KFC. The Al-Baik and KFC are always opposite in most places but it's Al-Baik that wins the day. You'll be surprised to see soooooo many people in Al-Baik and just a few in KFC. Some days I think poor KFC has to swatt flies too coz so little ppl come to it. Al-Baik has three branches one in Makkah, one in Jeddah and one in Madinah. For those of you comming here for Umrah or Hajj or just for Touring, you must surely try it out. Well it's got lots of things on it's menu, but the most famous thing is the Broasted chicken of Al-Baik. Well as for today I'm just gonna put up the Broasted chicken box pics, and the other things in another post.

Dosen't it look soooooo yummy! Well u've gotta taste it really ;)


  1. MMMMMM that does look yummi - especially where you can't even order KFC coz it's not halal :(

  2. Gya~ I remembered craving for that when I was was there! Each time I come back from the jamrah I'll see that huge Al-Baik sign tempting me to swerve by. One of the brothers bought it and offered. I was so tempted to take it but I declined! *why? why?* I never got round to buying it. I had KFC though. Somehow the one in M'sia tastes better. :) You're really teasing me.

  3. hmmmm looks yummyyy! Hope you have a great time with your family :)

  4. Nida: I'm so sorry dear :(

    Hajar: Sorry but you missed your chance ;) .... and don't forget to try it the next time U r here dear ..... :)

    Hijabee: Jazak Allah Khairan :)


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