Monday, March 23, 2009

The ABC's Of Life

A-avoid negative people , things , and habits .

B-believe in Allah and yourself .

C-consider things from every angle .

D-don't give up and don't give in .

E-enjoy yourself today , yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't here .

F-family and friend's are treasures , enjoy their riches .

G-give more than planned to give .

H-hang on to your dreams .

I-ignore those who try to discourage you .

J-just do it .

K-keep on trying no matter how hard it is .

L-love Allah and the Prophet (SAWS) first and foremost .

M-make things happen .

N-never lie , cheat , or steal . always strike a fair deal .

O-open your eyes and see things as they really are .

P-practice makes perfect .

Q-quitters never win , and winners never quit .

R-read , study and learn about everything .

S-stop procrastinating .

T-trust Allah and yourself and never give up .

U-understand yourself and others .

V-visualize your dreams .

W-want to enjoy life .

X-x-ccelarate your efforts .

Y-you are unique in all the world and no one can replace you .

Z-zero is on your target and go for it !!!!!


  1. aww what a sweet post sis :) thanx for the abc's :D

  2. Tacking 'S' for now ... :) Spiffy layout sis!

  3. assalam alaikum sis
    sorry i didn't read your post YET, i just needed to comment on your blog background, it is so beautiful, pretty, cute, fresh and... and welcoming. LOve it!

  4. assalam alaikum, sis
    thanks for sharing this nice ABC of life. i really like it, especially S-stop procrastinating- seemed to be addressed to me.. i was just thinking of how many things i have that are waiting to be finished...

  5. Nida: U r most welcome :)

    Hajar: Ok .... thnx a lot :)

    Umm AbdulAziz: Jazak Allah Khairan .... U r most welcome ... well it's a reminder for myself too :)

  6. Malizea: Jazak Allah Khairan :)

  7. This was such a beautiful post. Ms. Unique you did a great job with the layout. I love your bookshelf! Love you!

  8. Lisa: Thnx a lot dear ... Love U too for the Sake of Allah :)

  9. Salam Unique! Love this post its very beautiful!
    Masha'Allah the background is awesome but there is only one probolem for me the light pink font color of the posts is hard to read I have to highlight them with my mouse to read it. But the rest is soooo beautiful lol I wihs i had found it first :p

    Also Congrats you are this Month's Awesome Blogger Winner. You can feel free to post the award on your sidebar or wahtever you want to do with it. it's not a tag though unless you wanna start one up but lol that's yours to deal with hehehe.
    Anywasy I'm writing you up now and insha'Allah you'll liek the post :D

  10. I like pink. so I like ur blog colours. :) check out my blog too. :)

  11. Asaalamu Alaikum! I hope you are doing well inshAllah. I want to make sure you got my email. :)

  12. AMW: Jazak Allah Khairan .... Thnxs for saying dat I thot it was only my compt. anyways I'll post in another color next time ... lol ....

    Aww hw sweet of U sis ... I really don't know hw to thank U ... it gave me tears of happiness :) Jazak Allah Khairan ....

    Ahxuan: Thanks ... Insha Allah ... :)

    April: thnxs sis :)

    Ihssan: Oh! I'm really sorry sis ... Alhamdulillah f9 but was busy ... I've got ur e-mail .... Insha Allah pls chk it ... :)

  13. Assalamualaikum sis ...

    Where are you? Gosh, I miss you so much! :( Please be well sis!

    Btw, I'm awarding you an award. Please check it out when you have the time.

  14. Hajar: Wa alikum salam,

    Alhamdulillah doing f9, but really busy though :(

    Me misses U too ... Hugs :)

    Aww ... thanx for the award dat was so sweet of ya ... Insha Allah I'll ckh it out ...

    Loads of Luv N Hugs


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