Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleepy Eyes

O Sleepy head !
Do not make haste for bed
But after salatul Isha
Crave for even more Thawab
And stand with me for a night prayer.
O Sleepy Eyes !
Do not fail to realize
As your lids start to close
Your last breath may be near - just suppose !
Better then, to stand for night prayer.
O Sleepy soul !
What burdens do you hold?
This longing for resptie
To sleep all through the night
Your night prayer will revive you untold.
O Weary self !
You are bestowed with good health
You are passing through life
With wealth and keen sight
Owe Allah a little thanks then this night.
O Supple bed and carrier !
You stand as a barrier
Between me and my Lord
Your comfort stirs discord
Do not kindle your warm welcome for me.
I have preferred the hard floor
Therin lies comfort much more
On the dust hard ground
Allah's nearness is found
How blessed is the nightly prostration.
Taken From: Al-Jumuah Magazine

Benefits of Qiyam Al-Layl (Night Prayer)

1) Sociability with Allah (SWT).

2) Advancement in the rank of devotion.

3) Fullfilment of needs.

4) Strengthning of the body.

5) Cure from diseases.

6) Solving of toubles.

7) Increase in sustenance.

8) Tranquility of soul and peace of mind.