Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flow Of Love

Just found this Poem in my treasure chest and wanted to share it with you all. I've got the habit of scribbling down anything and everything that I find interesting.

With the Sword of Love,
Fight the War of Hate.
When your Heart cries
Because of the Hurt,
Use your face to Smile,
When you face the Trial
And your lips to Calm,
Other's words that Harm.
In Allah put all of your Trust,
And He will turn your Pains into Dust.
Look to the Heavens with your Eyes,
Because with His Beauty all Hurts Dies.
Only in Him will you find Rest,
He will Guide you to your Best.
So lift up your Heart to His Hand,
And He will Help you Firmly Stand.
He will Fill you with His Love Flow,
He will Show you the Way to Go.
He will Surround you with Protective Wall,
And give you Strength so you will not Fall.
When everything goes wrong you just Pray,
And Almighty Allah will Help you,
And Show you His Way.