Thursday, September 10, 2009

660 Chinese Haramain train workers embrace Islam

MAKKAH – Six hundred and sixty Chinese nationals working on the Haramain train construction project have embraced Islam in a ceremony in Makkah.

Abdul Aziz Al-Khudhairi, Makkah Governorate Undersecretary, who witnessed the declaration of the shahada described the event as a “direct response to critics of the government for contracting Chinese company.”

“We received hundreds of letters opposing the signing of a contract with the Chinese company and demanding that Muslims be contracted,” Al-Khudhairi said. “Six hundred and sixty of them have now embraced Islam.

Now those who were calling for them to be dismissed are happy at their embracing Islam. The numbers will also go up, as this is only the beginning, and represents around ten percent of the 5,000 working on the Haramain train.”

Al-Khudhairi demanded that “our conduct reflect the teachings of our religion and our words should match our deeds to have an effect on people”. “We must also respect human rights,” he added.

Meanwhile, as many as 2,722 people have embraced Islam at the Cooperative Office for Call, Guidance and Awareness of Communities in Al-Taif Governorate.

The Office’s Director General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al-Sawat pointed out that the office has also distributed during that period 1,247,694 copies of the Holy Qur’an, religious books and pamphlets as well as 225, 901 religious cassettes. –


  1. masha´allah! that is wonderful! ALLAH AKBAR

  2. Cecilia: Yeah exactly! Allahu Akbar

  3. Salaamz sis Alhamdulillah that is such great news its so great to see more and more people coming to islam masha'allah..

  4. Mashaa'Allah wa tabarak Allah!! May Allah ta`ala guide them & keep them on the path of Siraat-ul-Mustaqeem. Ameen!!!

  5. Skye: Wa alikum salam ... Alhamdulillah :D

    Aalia: Ameen :D

  6. Allaahu Akbar! every time i hear someone embracing Islam I get super emotional and I want to cry out of happiness. that was amazing news, sis! thanks for sharing! May Allaah make us firm on His Path! Islam is Haqq!

  7. UmmAA: Allahu AKbar .... Exactly! Ameen .... yeah it sure was .... U r welcome .... Definitely it is :D

  8. Masha'Allah...there is not God but Allah, and only through him can such wonderful things happen.


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