Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak!


a month of Allah's Mercy ......
A month full of Blessings and Bounties .....
Month of Redemption, Forgiveness and Repentance
A month of Prayers, Qur'an, Charity, ....
Devotion and Patience ....
A month of Reflection and Self-training and the best
Night (Laylat al-Qadar) is in it; which is better than a 1000 month.

May Allah(SWT) enlighten our hearts with the Qur'an .....
May Allah(SWT) gather us together under His Shelter, on that Day when there will be no shelter except for His .....
May Allah(SWT) help us to gain the Blessings of Ramadan ....
May Allah(SWT) make us from those who He redeems from the hell fire....
May Allah(SWT) grant us forgiveness for He is The Most Gracious ....
May Allah(SWT) gather us and our loved ones together in Firdaus al-A'la....
And May Allah(SWT) accept our prayers, fasts, charity and other good deeds ...... Ameen ......

Wishing You All A Blessed and Fruitful Ramadan .....


  1. Ramadan Mubarak to u and ur family! And Ameen to the duas!

  2. Amiin sis, Ramadan Mubarak to you too!!!

  3. assalam alaikum!
    Ramadaan mubarak to you too, sister! what a beautiful dua's you made! ameeeen to all of them!

  4. Habayeb: Jazak Allah Kahiran Same to U :)

    Nida: Jazak Allah Kahiran Same to U :)

    UmmAbdulAziz: Wa alikumsalam ... Jazak Allah Khairan :)

  5. The card is beautiful. I think Ramadan cards are so gorgeous!

    Ramadan karim! Allah maaki!

  6. Elizabeth: Thank you ... Yeah they are ..

    Same to you ... :)

  7. As salam u alakum Ms Unique I am new to the internet but I would like to become your associate and so we could discuss Islamic concepts and in turn increase each other knowledge of light shed upon sunnah and the best way to worship our Lord-I am a student studying in an Islamic eviorment so Inshallah you can trust me please could you somehow reply and tell me the first thing to do-I am a bewildered muslimah.

  8. Anon: Wa alikumsalam ... You are most welcome to this blog and to discuss about Islam with me ... Let me remind you I'm no scholar only a student of knowledge myself ...

    Do you want me to reply to you here? The first thing to do on the net or in Islam? I'm sorry your question is not clear to me, if you could pls elaborate a bit it'd would be helpful ... t

    Thank you.

  9. Jazakallah for sharing this with all of us. Ameen to the duas. May Allah SWT bless you. Ameen

  10. Haris: Barak Allah feek ... Ameen ...

  11. As salam u alakum, ms unique, sorry I was too vague in my commment, it`s just I am studing Shariah at school and my grades are falling in the subject and I wondered if you could sort of online tutor me, if thats not too much trouble.

  12. Anon: I don't mind tutoring if I had the time and knowledge ... I only have a diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies not even a degree ... We ddn't have Shariah in the diploma course .... I'm really sorry :s

    But if u want to discuss some topics then let me have ur e-mail id or chat id so that we can have a discussion on chat ...


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