Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ready, set, let’s go!

Field trips have always been an essential part of the educational system. In this, new concepts have emerged, thus making the process of learning closely associated with travelling. Experts in the field believe that students develop life skills in a fun and challenging way through educational trips that provide them with an opportunity to broaden their horizons.

“Field trips aid in the development of skills in students as well as give students a chance to socialize with each other. They learn numerous things, such as, how to deal with different situations, plus they become more active,” said Dr. Sadik Dahlan, director general of Coral International School in Jeddah.

Students are taken to academic and non-academic trips. The academic trips offer students deeper subject learning and an increased level of self-confidence.

“Our education is usually based on textbooks. Students are taken on academic field trips that are planned in accordance with what is being taught in the classroom so that they can learn and easily relate their experiences. We hold discussions with the schoolteachers about what topic they are teaching so that we can organize a related field trip. For example, on the environment day, students were taken to a park,” said Dahlan, adding that students at his school have also visited colleges, universities, libraries, etc.

Seconding Dahlan, Huda, principal of the Learning Oasis School in Riyadh, gave another example of subject-related academic trips.

“Field trips related to science or social studies subjects are common. These include a trip to the zoo if the children are studying about animals,” she said.

Non-academic trips allow the students to escape for a while their accustomed studying routine. Students are taken to malls where there is usually a small play land, where they can indulge in some physical activity that otherwise is limited due to the lack of parks and playgrounds in Jeddah. Students visit sports centers as well as nearby cities as part of their school trips. “Children at our school have virtually visited every new mall in the city, and are updated with different aspects of the place they visit, such as, its management, etc.,” said Dahlan, adding that other activities, such as, swimming, barbeque, etc., are also included in the field trips. For more read here.


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