Sunday, July 26, 2009

Abaya trends among expat women

EXQUISITELY styled abayas are on the wish list of every woman in the Kingdom. Expat women too are determined to make a fashion statement out of the typically black cloaks that are, by and large, not mandatory in their home countries. “Saudi women as well as expat women prefer modern abaya styles. However, women in Riyadh are more conservative in their choice of abaya colors, and there are some restrictions prohibiting very attractive and colorful abayas in Riyadh. On the other hand, women in Jeddah like to wear colorful abayas,” said Hala Droubi, a Syrian PR coordinator in TBWA\RAAD, Jeddah.

“Another difference between Saudi women and expatriate women,” she said, “is that most Saudi women are willing to invest more in abayas than the average expatriate women. They also buy new abayas more frequently and in almost every season or have their own custom-made abayas, making sure that they follow the latest trends in abaya styles.”

Abayas in vibrant hues, with bands of glistening diamantes, sheaths of leopard prints, glittering stones, ribbon and lace embellishments, etc. are just some of the designs in abayas that are gaining popularity with expat women.

Droubi said the latest trend in abayas is inspired by the old traditional Egyptian “milaya laf” dress, which women used to wear in the 1920s in Egypt.

Abayas in butterfly and fish silhouettes and with embroidery designs on the neck, back and borders also score high with expat women, and so do black abayas blended with bright and flashy colors, and those embellished with sparkling diamantes and detailed bead work in the front. Satin pleated abayas with chic net sleeves give a modern and contemporary look. For more read here.

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