Monday, June 15, 2009

Who’s afraid of learning Arabic?

EVER wonder how many of us offer our prayers perfunctorily, or even incorrectly, barely understanding what we say? Ever notice how many of us aren’t interested in picking up and reading the Qur’an in our moments of solitude and despair to gain solace and comfort from it, simply because “we don’t understand it.” Ever wonder why things are this way?

This lack of spiritual connection with the Salah and Qur’an in a large chunk of our Ummah is one of the penalties we are paying for neglecting Arabic, the language which holds the key to understanding, and consequently, implementing the Qur’an.

The enormity of this omission is especially glaring in non-Arabic speaking Muslim communities – more so, since they have enthusiastically embraced the teaching and learning of English, with great success.

Having made the connection between acquiring English language skills and worldly progress, most of us are willing to jump through a lot of linguistic hoops to acquire the perfect pronunciation, the trendiest turn of phrase, the most effective presentation.

What prevents us from putting in the same efforts towards learning Arabic, in pursuit of success in the Deen? For the answer please go here.


  1. Try the following site for learning Qur'anic Arabic

  2. This would have been a direct hit to me if I haven't embarked on my path to learning Arabic ... :)

  3. Abu: Thank you

    Hajar: LoL yeah rite ;)


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