Tuesday, May 5, 2009

57 ways of winning your husband’s love

IN the last issue (May 1), we listed out 81 ways to win your wife’s love. This list, mostly contributed by Muslim women at the MuslimMatters.org blog, is all about winning your husband’s love.

1. Behave like a female, i.e. with all the tenderness of a female.

2. Dress pleasantly and attractively. If you are a home-maker, don’t stay in your sleeping suit all day.

3. Smell good.

4. Don’t lay out all your problems on your husband as soon as he walks in. Give him a little mental break.

5. Don’t keep asking him ‘what are you thinking?’ because unlike women, men’s thoughts are as random as the results of a google search. Women on the other hand have thoughts as organized as a labeled file-cabinet!

6. Stop nagging non-stop before Allah gives you something really to complain about.

7. Absolutely no talking about your spousal problems to anyone you meet under the pretense of seeking help, even if you are the victim. If you think you want to solve legitimate marital
issues then go seek counseling with the right person.

8. Be kind to your mother-in-law the same way you would like your husband to be kind to your own mother.

9. Learn all the rights and obligations of each other in Islam.

10. Race to the door when he comes home, as if you were waiting for him. Smile and hug.

For more please go here.


  1. I will keep this list inchallah hope it will be usefull when I will get married :)

  2. Good writings.I think it will be greatly helpful to all muslim women and they can learn how woman should behave with their husband.
    Thanks for your sharing this nice article.

  3. LoL~ I'm with Malizea on this ... :)

  4. Malizea: Insha Allah :)

    Abu Bakar: Jazak Allah brother. I think the men need to learn the same, hope you've read the previous article.

    Hajar: Yeah rite ;)


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