Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quiz Box test

I took this test at www.quizbox.com. The name of the quiz was "The Clothes You Wear" and Subhan Allah! the result came out like as though I'd written my personality on a sheet of paper. Pls try the quiz to check out yours too.

What others see from your style

Although to the untrained eye you may seem like a plain dresser who avoids trends, you actually wear carefully designed accessories and clothes that emphasize your uniqueness. You value your freedom and have an artistic mind. You are neither aggressive nor timid, but you believe in yourself.

What your nightclothes reveal

You are a sensuous person who can also get bored easily. You're probably a little lazy and like to have your own way.

What others see from your ties

You are strong-minded and determined. Even though you may appear to be gentle, you are actually a stubborn person who loves to be challenged.

What others see from your belts

You are a lonely and demanding person. You are hardworking as well as intelligent, and can be passionate when in love.

What others see from your shoes

You are adventurous. You have high self-esteem and are able to keep your promises. You like to take chances and are always looking for new opportunities to make your life more exciting.

What others see from your earrings

You are probably a free spirit at heart with artistic talent. You are absolutely unique and are always coming up with lots of great ideas. Being happy is your most important goal.

The last analysis

You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.


  1. Assalamualaikum sis,

    I've done mine. Seriously, the results from these tests scares me. Btw, my last analysis stated I am probably a romantic and passionate person. :)

  2. Hajar: Wahahahahahha .... loool .... c I was rite u r ROMANTIC ... now do u believe it .... :)

  3. LoL~! Alright alright, I admit. I am romantic. Now I just need people to spread all that love to. :P

    Btw, you're tagged! :)

  4. OOOo fun I'm gonna take it in a minute!

  5. Hajar: Thnx alot for the tag dear ... Insha Allah will do it :)

    AMW: So what dd u get?

  6. salams dear sister.my 1st visiting .rely nice blog u hav..especially Prophet's medicine.keep up ur good work.

  7. Baran: Jazak Allah Khairan for visiting :)


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