Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am A Muslim Women !

I found this nice poem at another site here

I am a Muslim Woman

Feel free to ask me why When I walk, I walk with dignity When I speak, I do not lie

I am a Muslim Woman,Not all of me you’ll see But what you should appreciate Is that the choice I make is free

I’m not plagued with depression I’m neither cheated nor abused I don’t envy other women And I’m certainly not confused

Note, I speak perfect English Et un petit peu de francais aussie I’m majoring in Linguistics So you need not speak slowly I own my own small business Every cent I earn is mine I drive my Chevy to school and work And no, that’s not a crime

You often stare as I walk by You don’t understand my veil But peace and power I have found For I am equal to any male

I am a Muslim Woman So please don’t pity me For God has guided me to truth And now I’m finally free!


  1. Asalaam `alaikum!!

    Hey Ms. Unique, I totally luv ur Blog - it's so beautiful masha'Allah!! I luv the layout and your posts are really awesome!!


  2. Assalam Aliaqum,
    the 'bookmark' tab that u have asked for...
    u need to first visit this website:
    get the html code from there, register there...

    now the tricky part...

    log into ur blogger account
    then, go to ur layout tab
    EDIT HTML <--- click on this
    expand the widget ... tick mark on it
    search for :

    div class='post-footer'

    paste the given html code just below the above mentioned line

    save it
    and u r done!

    make sure u save ur template first in case things don't go as plan

    if still having problems, don't hesitate to ask me

    and another thing:
    I am a Muslim Man :)
    lately, i am being mistaken for the other gender based on my blog :S

  3. Aalia : Jazak Allah Khairan dear .....

    Exqusitie : Jazak Allah Khairan for explaning the bookmark thing and I'm really sorry but your blog is so feminine ....

  4. Thanks for sharing Mrs Unique. I'm liking the new blog :)

  5. Jazak Allah Khairan Hijabee :) ...... I'm Ms.Unique not Mrs. ..... I'm not married yet ....

  6. Amiin sis :D Thanks for sharing.

  7. You're it!

  8. Ms. Unique, lol sorry about that, now you can tell that I'm blind :)

  9. :) no probs

    yes, i'm guilty... but i kept my blog pretty neutral, i think :S


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