Thursday, December 18, 2008

Evidence for supernatural reality !

Which religion should I choose to believe in?

Firstly why should I believe in any religion at all?The spirit realm may only be a figment of my imagination.What proof is there of the supernatural?

Secular evidence for the existence of supernatural reality.

1. Observation
2. Chance and probability
3. Phenomena
4. Resource material
5. Definitions

No, please don't think I'm gone crazy or unreligious over night. These are the questions and their explanations I came across on the net and I was amused not by his explanation but only by his sheer bluntness that I wanted to put it up here.

The Author of this site explains why we need religion and why we should believe in God and which religion is THE TRUE RELIGION and why this particular RELIGION is the most accurate one. I'll put the links below so that you all can read for yourselves what this person wants to claim. I know many of you will be outraged because he hasn't left Islam too. I'd like to request muslims to please check the link on his site about Islam. So here you go.

Please check this link.

Just one last line I wonder how those scholars like Dr.Zakir Naik, and other pastors and priest who've reverted to Islam would've answered him.

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